Medical Team

Amber Nelson, CRNP, FNP

Amber Nelson

Registered Nurse and Nurse Practitioner

About Amber Nelson, CRNP, FNP

Amber Nelson is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) with over a decade of experience in mental healthcare—including eating disorders, smoking cessation, and substance abuse disorders. She is licensed as a nurse practitioner in four states, and is currently a member of Ria Health’s medical team.

Amber holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Drexel University, as well as a Master of Science from Frontier Nursing University. In her five years at the Renfrew Center in Philadelphia, PA, she provided care for patients with eating disorders, helped them navigate the medical system, and even served as a clinical research nurse on trials related to HIV gene therapy.

In 2015, Amber moved on to the Philadelphia Mental Health Center, where she evaluated, diagnosed, and treated both children and adults with mental health disorders. She continued her work as a Nurse Practitioner at Steps to Recovery, diagnosing and treating patients struggling with substance abuse. This included prescribing anti-craving medications and conducting patient assessments.

Amber’s extensive experience in mental healthcare—and four years treating substance abuse—makes her a great fit for Ria’s team and our members. She brings her expertise, empathy, and broad skill set to each member she works with, helping them every step of the way to the finish line.

Amber Nelson