About Our Medical Team

John E. Mendelson, MD

  • Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSF
  • 30 years of Clinical Practice, Internal Medicine
  • Medical Director, BAART: Bay Area Addiction Research and Treatment
  • Internationally Recognized Clinical Research for NIH, NIAAA, NIDA

Dr. John Mendelson is our Chief Medical Officer, and the head of our team of alcohol addiction specialists. Ria Health members can book an appointment for consultation with him from any state where the program is offered, via our online platform. All meetings are confidential, and are carried out by video conference from your own home.

Dr. Mendelson will help you devise a plan of action to reduce or eliminate your drinking. As a starting point, he will look at your medical history, and then discuss your current situation, the objective risks, and your desired outcomes. As the meeting continues, you’ll have the chance to discuss the consequences of doing nothing, and the alternative treatment options available to you. From his deep personal experience of how different patients respond in different programs, Dr. Mendelson will help you visualize your path through treatment, and choose the best options for your needs. Finally, he will advise you on the costs of treatment, the timeline, and how to begin moving forward.

Dr. Mendelson is a co-founder of Ria Health, and has a deep empathy for people suffering from the symptoms of alcohol abuse. He helped start Ria because he believes that patients should have access to safe and effective medication for this disorder, and that success should be measured by scientific data. John practices evidence-based medicine, and is passionate about the possibilities for contributing new knowledge to the medical community.

Ria Health’s innovative alcohol recovery program gives you access to alcohol addiction specialists, prescription medications, and tools to monitor your alcohol intake. Use our convenient smartphone app to manage the whole process.

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