alex lee

Alex Lee, DSW, LCSW

VP of Care Innovation & Director of Coaching

About Alex Lee, DSW, LCSW

Dr. Alex Lee is a licensed clinical social worker, with experience in military, academic, government, non-profit, and community settings. He has a Doctorate in Social Work from the University of Southern California and is currently the leader of the Ria Health coaching team.

Dr. Lee began his career as an AIDS prevention coordinator, working with at-risk men and conducting community volunteer training. He then moved on to the Semel Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). There, he managed multiple long-term studies on adolescent homelessness and intervention strategies, earning his first academic publications.

After completing his master’s degree in social work, Dr. Lee spent several years working with veterans and military families on managing PTSD, grief, and substance abuse. During this time, he conducted research and led programs through both UCLA and the Department of Veterans affairs. From there, he continued on to management roles at several recovery centers and clinics, establishing himself as a team leader and an expert in addiction, mental health, and trauma.

Ria Health is far from Dr. Lee’s first experience using telemedicine to treat behavioral health issues. During his time at UCLA working with military families, he investigated the use of smartphone apps to provide remote support. Later, at Alavida, he oversaw the implementation of a telemedicine-based treatment program across 6 Canadian provinces and the state of California. Ria is proud to have Dr. Lee on board as the leader of our coaching team.

In addition to his work at Ria, Dr. Lee is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Denver.



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