Nikki Stern

Manager of Enrollment

About Nikki Stern

Nikki Stern has nearly a decade of coaching experience and numerous certifications in her field, including AADP Certified Holistic Health Coach, Functional Medicine Health Coach, and RADT (Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician). She has been running her own health and wellness coaching business since 2011, and is currently working towards her certification as an Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor (CADC).

As an independent holistic health coach, Nikki has developed a broad skill set, including program development, marketing, and management. She has organized retreats, taught groups of 30-plus people, hosted events, and written her own health-related content. All of this while continuing to provide empathic, specialized one-on-one guidance to her individual clients.

Nikki also has experience as a team leader, supervising 10 case managers and 20 shift workers during her time at Volunteers of America. More recently, she served as Head Coach for Weight Loss for Life, both teaching and managing the online portal for a transformational 9-month course.

Nikki is passionate about supporting people on their path of growth. As a Ria Health Enrollment Specialist and Recovery Coach, she brings compassion and a holistic perspective to helping each member be their best self.




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